1. Customer emails or calls to request a proposal (email is the preferred method as all Signature Managers have Blackberries).
  2. The General Manager or Project Manager create and email the proposal to the customer.
  3. Proposal is filed by project number and customer (all information is saved within a database and hard copies are filed).
  4. When customer approves the proposal, a labor PO and a product PO are sent to Signature Furniture Services. Database is updated.
  5. Scheduler marries the labor PO and the product PO to the proposal and places it in the Open Projects phase.
  6. When product is received, Scheduler checks the packing list with the product PO to assure all parts have been received.
  7. When all parts have been checked and received in complete, the project is moved to the Ready To Schedule phase. Customer is notified all parts have been received and project will be scheduled.
  8. Scheduler contacts the end user to schedule the project. Customer is notified of scheduled date. Project is moved to the Scheduled phase.
  9. Project is delivered and installed.
  10. Upon completion of project, Scheduler emails/faxes all paperwork to customer. If a problem arises on site, Signature contacts the customer immediately for resolution to the problem.
  11. Project is invoiced (invoices sent via email are preferred).